CH VALCHONOK Prince Of Forstal


WHELPED: 8th February 1985 (male)

5 CC’s; 5 BOB;

“..Wolf Grey who was quite superb, lovely topline, strong and muscular, masculine yet not coarse, beautiful head, almond eyes, lovely markings and an expression denoting his intelligence. Eager disposition and alertness, excellent double coat of medium length in good condition, quick and light on his feet with plenty of reach and drive on the move.

Michael Quinney (City of Birmingham 1986)

(Wolf Grey/White with Brown Eyes)

Alaskan’s Pala Of Anadyr

Am Ch Saugeen’s Yakut

Goosack Of Kolyma

Wapahkwa’s Avik

Oleta Of Kolyma

Wapahkwa Of Siberia

(Sire) Forstal’s Valkadav

(Dam) Babushka Tamara

Forstal’s Roy-A-Lin Poorga

Forstal’s Roosalka

Quinbury Kozachokane Of Beagold

Skimarque Shareef The Snowolf

Skimarque Lara

Kolyma’s Umiak