“Remarkable dog this Siberian Husky of nearly 12yrs, I have certainly never seen a dog of any breed move or look like this. In peak condition, beautiful outline, masculine head, intelligent expression, superbly handled. I could have watched him go round the ring all afternoon. What a mover!!!”

“A wonderful ambassador for this fascinating and very attractive breed”
(Liz Cartelidge, Nordic 1987)

3 CC’s; 1 BOB; 1 RES CC

Am Ch Keefer Feeley of Bolshoi

WHELPED: 10th October 1975 (male)

Am Ch Savdajaure’s Miuk

Ilya Of Northwood

Savdajaure’s Samovar

Feeley’s Blue Shammie

Am Ch Savdajaure’s Vackra Docka

(Sire) Forstal’s Kassan

(Dam) Micnicroc’s Nanouska

Boris Of Pineridge

Douschka Of Northwood

Princess Sonya

Am Ch Yeso Pac’s Vodka

Yeso Pac’s Tasha

Yeso Pac’s Gudluk Kim

(Silver Grey/White with Brown Eyes)

The alpha dog in the Forstal pack from the age of 5 or 6 years onwards, he had the love and respect of pack members and was never a bully. He was fundamentally an extremely gentle and good dog but with a strong mischievous streak which if anything, got more pronounced as he got older. All our older dogs sleep in at night and Miki – living to 17 years – therefore had nearly 6 years of sleeping in and during that time he would never touch or damage anything in the utility/dog room, except for paper towels. If a roll of paper towels was left anywhere within range he saw them as fair game and they would be shredded by morning. He was quite happy to share such a trophy with his friends despite his alpha status in the pack. Miki was our first reliable command leader and helped to train a succession of further leaders for Forstal.

Not all command leaders will take kindly to training inexperienced dogs their commands but Miki was excellent at this; perhaps partly due to his alpha status in the pack. Others learned quite readily from him. He took his work seriously and was a thoroughly reliable dog to have in front. As he grew older though, from about 10 yrs onwards he became less serious in his attitude while working and would sometimes goof around. This became especially true if there was snow. Miki was one of those Siberians who loved to grovel and roll about the ground, in long dewy or frosted grass but most of all in snow.

All n’ all he was a very special dog.
(Sally Leich)